The Second City’s Commitment to Accessibility

Providing Laughter for All 

The Second City strives to provide accessibility accommodations and foster an environment of inclusion for every person who joins us for an experience in a way that respects the dignity and independence of all, including those with disabilities. 

Second City Chicago offers the following services, which can be requested in advance by contacting the Box Office or our Customer Service Team 7 days a week. 


In Person: 230 W. North Ave., 1st Floor Box Office 

By Phone: (312) 337-3992 

By Email: You can also send a request via email to 


When requesting access or purchasing tickets to an accessible show, please indicate which service(s) you are in need of for us to best accommodate you. 


We look forward to welcoming you! 


For information on available accessibility accommodations at our other locations, please email or contact the theaters directly by phone or in person. 


Available in Chicago 

Accessible parking 

Accessible parking is available at 230 W. North Ave. in Piper’s Alley Self Park. (Between North Park Ave. & Wells St.). We do not validate parking.  


Accessible seating 

Second City’s resident theaters (Mainstage and e.t.c.), UP Comedy Club, the de Maat Studio Theater, The Blackout Cabaret, Judy’s Beat Lounge and Donny’s Skybox are equipped with wheelchair accessible and/or companion seats. Floor seats are available without requiring the use of stairs. We are able to accommodate ADA accessible tickets in any of our pricing tiers. Any accessibility needs can be accommodated by writing a note in your order submission. 


Assistive listening devices 

Assistive hearing devices compatible with personal headphones and earbuds (including headsets) are available upon request for Mainstage, e.t.c., and UP Comedy Club. Headphones and neck loops are provided, and T-Coil connections supported.  Inquire or reserve ahead of time via the Box Office. These systems are available free of charge.  Headphones and neck loops are provided, and T-Coil connections supported. 



An elevator is located on the main floor of Piper’s Alley next to the box office. A Second City volunteer can assist anyone requiring assistance by contacting our Box Office at (312) 337-3992. Each of our theaters is accessible by elevator or lift. 


Seat Assistance 

Seat assistance from curb to seat can be arranged in advance of your arrival. 


Service Animals

Support for service animals can be provided with advance notice. Service animals are welcome. 


Mother's Room

We have a Mother's Room on site available for any guest who may need it. Please write into if you have any questions, or see a Customer Service Representative on site.



Audio described performances 

Audio described performances are periodically scheduled in the Mainstage, e.t.c. Theater and UP Comedy Club. We can accommodate Audio described performances with at least three week’s notice. During audio-described performances, a qualified professional will provide a live verbal depiction of the key visual elements in the entire show including scripted and improvised scenes. The Second City will provide the headset and equipment needed for the audio description and will have staff on hand to help guests use this service. For more information on the schedule of these specific showtimes, please email 


Open/Closed captioned performances 

We can accommodate open captioned performances in Mainstage, e.t.c. Theater and UP Comedy Club with at least three week’s notice. During open captioned performances, text is displayed on the side of the stage showing word-for-word what the actors are saying in real time and describes sound effects and music. For more information, please email 

We can accommodate closed captioned performances with at least three weeks advanced notice. We can accommodate closed captioned performances with at least three weeks advanced notice. Please email for more information.


Customer Feedback 

The Second City’s ultimate goal is to meet and surpass customer expectations while serving all guests and students. Comments on our services regarding how well those expectations are being met are welcome and appreciated. Feedback regarding the way The Second City provides experiences to people with disabilities can be made via email to or in person to an Audience Success Manager or Customer Service Representative.